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The slowfood-ethnofood philosophy

We live in a consumer society that does not have the time to enjoy all that this implies. Time is a scarce resource no matter how early you wake up. You feed dreams, obligations and hobbies, but when feeding your own body it seems that it is something you should not delay; It is largely for this reason that transnational fast food chains are successful throughout the world. On the other hand, we must not forget that there are also people who cannot access food due to poverty, war or natural disasters. In any case, everyone should have access to good, clean and fair food; this according to the idea of ​​slow food.

For more than 40 years, a movement that seeks to defend traditions, good nutrition and a slow pace of life began. In addition, making society aware of the strong links that must exist between our food, the planet, people, politics and culture is a priority that could help slow the course towards catastrophe. If consumer demand focuses on the consumption of healthy products, the producer has the obligation to satisfy it. Etnofood is committed to that principle and provides the necessary tools for it to flow and grow in the community by offering cooking classes and tastings.

Food has always been one of the most important parts of the day, there is a phrase attributed to Napoleon Bonaparte that says: an army marches on its stomach, but it can also be applied to more current issues. The Etnofood social commitment seeks that you take your time with the food, having all the certainty that the products with which they were made are local, of high quality and fresh. An addition to consider is the null use of products of animal origin for various reasons; One of them is the search for the preservation of fauna and combating the way meat is consumed, which have excessively negative externalities for the environment. The cooks have the responsibility to clarify any possible doubt about the origin of what they are eating or cooking, the constant state of investigation helps with new contributions to the Oaxacan gastronomy.

It is good to take some time to enjoy your food, if the world is a type of bullet train because of the speed it takes, slow food is the handbrake that offers the opportunity to get off and etnofood the healthier destination alternative.


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