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Teolab is a foodlab that constitutes a space for job training and development of work alternatives for young people from Oaxaca and its metropolitan area. Our state is the second poorest state in Mexico in contrast to being the most biodiverse, and just a few weeks ago it was declared the best city in the world, which is very difficult to understand because it happens in a post-pandemic world in which there has been The great vulnerability of youth has been demonstrated, because we want to tell you that up to 82% of young people lost their jobs, of which 64% were women, making clear the lack of sensitivity towards our industry.


The State has three strong incomes, foreign currency from immigrants, oil and the tourism sector. The project analyzes from a critical perspective and an exhaustive analysis, so today we have realized that the tourism sector is one of the areas of opportunity for young people and in the same way this sector has a deficiency, which is the high rates of personnel turnover and the need for trained human capital, which is why we seek to connect work alternatives with human capital.




















Our project seeks to train people interested in innovating in food issues within the Oaxaca region, mainly those who are in a vulnerable situation due to lack of opportunities and experience, we provide them with support and guidance.
The second stage is to train the population in an alternative healthy eating system and the third pillar for those entrepreneurs who want to open their businesses, we have acoworkfood, with capacity for training programs and strengthening of their agri-food companies.
We have 6 spaces and 2 workshops, with 8 collaborators and we are all focused on different lines of development such as bakery, chocolate, tourism, hospitality and project development. 

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