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be an adaptable and comprehensive social project in terms of training for work and social gastronomy, which seeks for young people to develop their food security and train for work, impacting and improving their quality of life and that of their contexts of origin integrating social gastronomy in a foodlab operated by young people interested in food as a theory of change.


Develop a foodlab of social innovation focused on social gastronomy, using local products to offer them in a service of sensory experiences through research and dissemination of the food heritage of Mexico.


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Being owners of your future implies economic freedoms, for this reason we believe in the possibility of developing our dreams based on our creativity and innovation.


All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights, including the right to food, health, work and education, this commits us to giving our best effort.


At #Etnofood the vision of gender equality represents equity in access to knowledge or business development with a social focus, we seek to ensure that gender is not an impediment to entrepreneurship and we are committed to reducing this gap. 


We believe in the development of networks, #Etnofood  is an open foodlab for the integration of links and connections, we consider that all agents of change are united and we facilitate the work.


Impact solutions or social projects must have a sustainable approach at the local, social, economic and environmental level.


The vision of Leadership must be seen as a paradigm of integrality, we need to modify the way of seeing linear leadership and develop an egalitarian way of voice and action, with the mandate to “Command Obey.”

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