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Our team

 Director: Juan Carlos Villegas Cuevas.

More than a decade of experience in community work developing social projects, with three degrees that guarantee his experience; political science, sociology and cultural management and sustainable development. I have been a volunteer in programs such as slow food, sife, enactus, semarnat, network of school gardens in Latin America and speaker in local, regional or national forums in addition to having recognitions in the environment area and the State Prize in Environment together with his University Permaculture team. My experience has led me to work with researchers on food and environmental issues.

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Class teacher Martín Martínez Ventura.​​I studied a degree in language teaching and currently its function consists of hosting different tours and classes. The classes I teach are vegetarian/vegan food classes focused on local gastronomy representing pre-Hispanic food. All the tours and classes we do have the purpose of teaching and raising awareness among visitors who come to Oaxaca, as well as giving them the best possible experience.


Researcher José Carlos García Silva.​

I consider myself a sensitive and empathetic person in the face of the problems that afflict modern society. As an economist my interests are in the study of inequality, poverty, hunger and illiteracy. At etnofood I have found a way to share ideas through my articles, as well as being in a pleasant and comfortable space where all opinions are heard and taken care of. I really enjoy this work and the constant opportunity to learn.  


Chocolatier chef Thomas Alberto Woolrich Salinas.

Specialized in chocolate and confectionery, I firmly believe that cooking represents the purest and most transparent part of a culture, where stories are told, the spirit is shared, communicated and restored. Currently a chocolatier at Etnofood, I seek to celebrate the cocoa native to the state, both in flavor and in its presentation, always in search of its positioning and sharing this essence with the world.


Executive Chef: Cesar Alejandro Rito Ruiz.

Originally from the Oaxacan coast, influenced by the cuisine of my grandmothers and their  different traditional expressions. I specialize in culinary innovation; At Etnofood I am in charge of creating and teaching locals and foreigners the proposal of a different diet, based on respect for nature, the land and the producers who work it. As Chef of Etnofood, my mission is to give a twist to the local gastronomic offer, based entirely on sustainable plants and processes without losing the flavor that characterizes us Oaxacans.

Administrator: Luis Altamirano

Designer: Samantha 

I am a graphic communicator, originally from the region of the Oaxacan isthmus; cheerful and nice, I like to read, listen to music and watch movies. My work allows me to focus on different areas such as  

General Assistant: Alicia 

Kitchen Assistant: Alison 

General Assistant: Ferdinand

Assistant General: Amairani

General assistant:

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