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Mercadito Etnfood

Earth Market

Earth Market


The land market is a space for struggle and resignification of food, education and theory of change.


Food is essential to develop a more just society, traditional markets are the most critical and tasty spaces to defend food. The land market is a significant space in the development of economic relationships and construction of new spaces focused on good, clean and fair food.


We are a living market, driven by producers, with a philosophy of love for the land and care for Mother Earth, seeking to empower producers and generate well-being for families.

Facade of Filoteo Mercadito

Our Headquarters

Teolab is a gastronomic laboratory that is our space ally and together with the operational team is the market operation center, providing a central and alternative space in the city, with an alternative option.

Conferencia Teolab

Diverse Education

We have a portfolio of training to complement purchases, where we seek to educate the consumer in reducing environmental impact as well as the development of new education  alternatives and complementary.

Mercado de la Tierra Oaxaca

Short Agri-Food Chains

Our philosophy promotes the consumption of products with proximity, with zero environmental impact, we seek that what is produced is self-consumed in the first degree and the surpluses are an income platform for sellers, the model complements local and regional consumption chains by integrating into value chains with a focus on environmental responsibility.

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