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About Teolab


Teolab is a food lab and a working space to train and develop work alternatives for young people and women from Oaxaca and its metropolitan area. Our project aims to train people who are interested in innovating in food issues within the Oaxacan region, mainly those who are in a situation of
vulnerability due to the lack of opportunities from lack of experience and/or
higher education.

The 3 Pillars of Teolab


Create opportunities and skill development for young people and women in Oaxaca and surrounding areas.


Train the population in alternative healthy eating systems.


Food co-work and training programs for entrepreneurs who want to open their business and strengthen their agri-food enterprises.

Our vision

Manage an operational space in the city of Oaxaca, which functions as a
training and education center for youth work with a focus on food issues to
promote alternative education and innovation by opening a versatile food
lab with a focus on food and principles of slow food.

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