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Join our hands-on experiences where you will create something wonderful and delicious!

All materials will be provided for an amazing day.

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Oaxacan Vegetarian Cooking Class 

Starting time: 10:30am & 3:30pm Duration: 4 hours Price: $1100 MXN per person This experience consists of preparing a traditional Oaxacan food recipe made with local products. Before starting the class, we will go to the market and meet producers of fresh and organically grown vegetables in different villages near the city and buy the supplies for our cooking class. After the tour of a non-touristy neighborhood in the city, we will head to our private kitchen to start the class and prepare a starter, main course, side dish, sauce and fresh fruit water. Finally, we will share the meal with everyone present, as well as the flavors of Oaxaca. Dare to live this unique culinary experience!

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Mole Class 

Start time: 10:30am & 3:30pm Duration: 4 hours Price: $1100 MXN per person The class focuses on the preparation of a mole recipe whose name originally means "ground"; this dish is emblematic for being pre-Hispanic and for having a combination of various spices and chiles. First, our chef will take you to a local market where the necessary ingredients will be acquired from local producers, as freshness is an important factor for our result. Afterwards, all the guests and the chef will carry out the process of elaboration of this mythical recipe and then taste it. The experience will be accompanied by good music, pleasant chats and curious facts about Oaxacan gastronomy. This project promotes sustainability and zero impact on the environment.

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Chocolate Making Class


Starting time: 9:30am & 3:00pm Duration: 2 hours Price: $1100 MXN per person A workshop to learn about the history, flavors, effects and processes of cocoa. We will work with one of the best cocoas in the world called "criollo", which is found in the jungle zone next to the pacific. The design of chocolate often depends on how we feel, how we want to perceive the world or how we want to make our loved ones feel. We will prepare the chocolate in an artisanal way: roasting the beans, cleaning them, grinding them, preparing the formulas and putting them in molds. To continue, we will do a tasting of chocolate prepared at the time and some more tests to enjoy the culture of chocolate. If you venture into this workshop, you will have the opportunity to take 150g of chocolate home with you.

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Mixology Class with Mezcal

Start time: 7:30pm Duration: 2 hours Price: $1100 MXN per person In this experience the most important thing is your imagination. First, we will talk about the history of mixology in our communities and then we will elaborate cocktail bases. For the elaboration of cocktails we will use a variety of organically grown products and exotic wood sticks. It is important to present all the local products to understand how a cocktail is structured and interpreted. You will be the bartender and will be able to create classic and contemporary cocktails, as well as be creative with a new proposal. You don't need to be an expert, the best thing is to enjoy the cocktails in your own bar. Welcome to the workshop and lots of partying, as they say in Oaxaca. We invite you to make cocktails with us.

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Iconos PNG_mprime tu grabado con un artista oaxaqueño-13.png

Wood Carving and Print Making Class

Start time: 11:00am Duration: 3.5 hours Price: $650 MXN per person The printmaking experience is with an Oaxacan artist and offers a unique opportunity to explore this art form and its role in graphic protest. Participants learn about woodcut, a specialized form of printmaking in Oaxaca, guided by a local artist during a three and a half hour workshop. Creativity flourishes as attendees receive tools, instruction and a platform for artistic expression. The workshop delves into diverse perspectives, including politics, nature and food, amidst interventions in the Agrogalería. If you dare to live this experience, you will be able to take home three copies of your prints and purchase additional items. In addition, we will be working on a long-term exhibition to showcase the works created during the class.

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