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We invite you to experience the culture through your palate. We offer a variety of tasting experiences as well as complete meals for your group. All costs are included in the tasting price.

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Oaxacan Coffee Tasting

Start time: 4:00 pm Duration: 1 hour Price: $500 MXN per person Discover the traditional methods of preparing Oaxacan coffee while exploring its history, flavors and aromas. During the tasting, you will have the opportunity to experience three main extraction methods. You will be able to compare and appreciate the different ways to enjoy coffee, as we analyze how altitude and regions influence its flavor and unique characteristics. Immerse yourself in the fascinating coffee culture of Oaxaca with our experience!

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Mezcal Tasting

Start time: 5:00pm Duration: 2 hours Price: $999 MXN per person This experience focuses on tasting different mezcals from Oaxaca, sharing the history, production methods and ancestral knowledge. We will taste 3 wild mezcals, which are from different regions of the state, you will also support the small mezcal producers. The mezcals will be accompanied with 3 different Oaxacan products all by surprise, during the experience we will learn to recognize the flavors and aromas that present each of the varieties and the change they are go through before and after trying the products.

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Pairing of

Mezcal and Organic Chocolates


Start time: 5:00 pm Duration: 1 hour Price: $800 MXN per person Good mezcals and organic chocolates are the best combination of the Oaxacan jungle, so we have designed this experience in which we will taste organic and artisanal mezcals, which we will mix with different chocolates made in our workshop. In this tasting you will better understand the profiles of the products generated and we will build a unique experience of combining the flavors of a good mezcal with an excellent Oaxacan chocolate in its different expressions. We recommend this experience for people who want to learn about gastronomic culture and the deep flavors of chocolate and mezcal, all you need is to enjoy every bite.

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Brunch at the Central de Abastos

Start time: 9:30 am Duration: 2.5 hours Price: $950MXN per person The Oaxaca brunch experience offers a unique blend of breakfast, lunch and cocktails inspired by the big cities. You will enjoy an energizing morning meal, learn about the local cuisine, share fun facts about the city and prepare together with a local. It's an immersive two-hour culinary journey featuring fresh, regional ingredients in traditional starters, entrees, salads, desserts and drinks.

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Oaxacan Agrobiodiversity Dinner

Start time: 7:30 pm Duration: 2 hours Price: $1100MXN per person Zapotec dinners are known as traditional banquets of the town, whose cuisine is based on locally grown products, harvested in the fields of Oaxaca and with the traditional flavors of our grandmothers that today can be found in the great restaurants of the city. This dinner is a unique experience that offers you the opportunity to learn about the biodiversity that Oaxaca has while you create your dishes alongside a chef who specializes in sustainability, who also works on projects that recover local products. Learn how to plate traditionally in this incredible agrobiodiverse dinner and enjoy the ancestral recipes recovered by the chef!

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